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Pros and Cons of a Private Cloud

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In last weeks blog we looked at what a Public Cloud is and the pros and cons of moving your IT into the cloud.  However a public cloud may not suit everyone; some companies would like the flexibility that cloud offers without having to move their data offsite, this is where a private cloud may be the answer.


A Private Cloud refers to a virtualized infrastructure that is operated solely for a single organization.  This can be managed internally by the Company or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally.


Benefits of a Private Cloud 

  • You are able to offer your employees the flexibility that cloud computing affords with anywhere working, logging in securely to virtual desktops wherever they wish to work at a time that suits them and the needs of the business.
  • You are in control of your own data, which can provide piece of mind to Companies with highly sensitive information or compliance issues.
  • You are not so reliant on your Internet connection as you are with a Public cloud.
  • You can replace power hungry desktop PCs with thin or Zero clients that require minimum maintenance or support.
  • By reducing your IT Infrastructure you will be able to save hardware and energy costs, which will reduce your impact on the environment.


Disadvantages of a Private Cloud 

However a private cloud solution is not without its drawbacks and for the reasons listed below may not be suitable for all organisations:

  • To move to a private cloud may involve a large cost up front to purchase or lease the equipment needed for virtualization, including new servers and software
  • You will need to ensure that you have the appropriate expert resources to deploy and manage your virtualization server.
  • You will need a solid back up and disaster recovery plan.


EcoBytes are able to work with you to determine which Cloud solution would be best for your Organisation and can help you to migrate to a public or private cloud and can even manage your private cloud infrastructure with full support.  To find out more about our cloud services please follow the link below


There is of course one more type of cloud that we are yet to discuss, next weeks blog will focus on a Hybrid Cloud solution.


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